Step-Daddy got me Horny -preview- (mouth-fucking, hairy pussy, cum in mouth) - AmedeeVause

I was just waking up, a good girl doesn't miss her afternoon routine, while Step-Daddy was lying in bed beside me. At some point I noticed some movement, somehow rhythmic... so my curiosity arose and I immediately turned around to see what was happening. Step-Daddy was completely naked, playing with his big... toy. He covered himself quickly, but I noticed the big bulge, so erect that it was literally throbbing. Step-Daddy was massaging himself just beside me! This is my chance, I thought. I like Step-Daddy so much, he is so young and handsome and his toy is absolutely huge! I wanted to touch it, he didn't allow me, of course, so I lifted my blouse and teased him with my Big Boobies....


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